The CrushGrind® consumer collection consists of high quality salt, pepper, spice and coffee grinders in Scandinavian design. All products are packed in exclusive giftboxes. The CrushGrind® Collection is sold through retailers in 20 markets worldwide. 


CrushGrind® - the original ceramic mechanism™ is used by renowned brands worldwide.  25 years warranty on the ceramic parts. Patented technology. Whether you want us to deliver just the mechanism or the finished product, is completely up to you.


Coffee should be ground instantly before use. This way you get the full flavour. Low thermal expansion of ceramic grinding parts result in uniform grinding. Patented invention.


Take advantage of our collection of quality products for private label. No tooling costs and no yearly commitments. Just select your favorite products and we will customize for you, with logo, colour and giftbox according to your request.


CrushGrind® is used in restaurants and kitchens. Minimalistic design combined with high durability and easy filling, makes the products popular in the  hospitality industry.


Cheap and disposable grinders are vastly available in the low priced segment. Our concept with high durable ceramic technology fights against "throwawayism". Our grinders can be reused numerous times.


OxiPour™ is a patented invention for aerating of wine. The gasket will be mounted on a spout in your exclusive design. OxiPour™ gives a gentle aerating and will not over-aerate your wine.


MakeEdge™ is a ceramic honer. When used daily it will keep your knives sharp. It can be used by everybody, no skills needed. Simply pull your knives through 3-4 times everytime you use them and they will stay sharp.


In 1962 Ken Muff Lassen (b. 1939) established his first company, Domus Danica, which was a sales gathering of 7 Danish furniture manufactures. In 1968 Ken sold his shares of Domus Danica to start up IKEA in Denmark.
From 1976 Ken was member of Inter IKEA’s group management team with the worldwide responsibility for concept, product and assortment development for the entire IKEA group.

In 1987 Ken left IKEA to establish his own company again having the dream of working in a small company, finding a little gismo which could be sold in millions and earning money by selling products which are better. That company was IDEAS Denmark and the gismo dream turned out to be the beginning of the CrushGrind® adventure.

Today Ken is retired but continues to be a frequent and impassioned visitor.