MakeEdge® is a modern version of the honing steel. MakeEdge® is easy to use correctly, the knife will automatically be centered between the 2 ceramic stones, when you pull it through. MakeEdge® is made in ceramic, which is non-magnetic and sharper than steel. MakeEdge® can hone both plain edged knives and rounded serrated knives.

You should hone your knife everytime you use it. Just pull the knife through 2-3 times without adding any pressure. You should only pull your knife towards yourself – not back and forth.

When honing you unfold the edge of the knife and take away small roughness. You can hone as often as you like – the more frequently the better! MakeEdge® can prolong the lifetime of your knives with everyday honing, instead of occasional sharpening.

MakeEdge® has been tested by Catra in 2007 for it’s performance in comparison with leading market products. MakeEdge® came out with significant increase in cutting comparing to other products.

MakeEdge® has passed a durability test performed by the Danish Technological Institute. MakeEdge® has 5 years warranty on each side of the click-in mechanism, meaning 10 years warranty in total. Remember to rotate your MakeEdge® click-in mechanism if the ceramic parts get’s worn. This will increase the lifetime of your product. See how to in this video

The MakeEdge® innovation won the IF product design award in 2009.


  • When knives are sharp, you can maintain the sharpness by honing your knies
  • a correct maintenance of your knives prevent dull knives
  • MakeEdge™ is a new version of the honing steel
  • MakeEdge™ is easy to use correctly
  • Use your MakeEdge™ honer everytime you use your knives - and you never have to worry about dull knives again