OxiPour™ is a wine aerator offering gentle aeration to your wine.
The product was developed in 2008 by IDEAS Denmark A/S. It is a patented invention: European patent: DK/EP 2174881 and U.S. patent: US 8,413,585.

The development of OxiPour™  started with very specific objectives:

  • to make an aerating function, that can be incorporated with all kind of designs and with different materials
  • to make a function that does not aerate too much – but secures a correct aeration of the wine in order to keep the fine nuances of aroma and flavour
  • to invent something innovative enough to apply for patent

We tested ALL products in the market – and we made numerous prototypes.

At last we ended up with something quite simple – a gasket with a hollow pipe and 6 elongated slots.

We took our prototypes to the Danish sommelier, Christian Aarø, and asked him to test our OxiPour™ invention. After few modifications he made a blind test with various famous market products, and OxiPour™ came out as “Best in test”.

OxiPour™ is a patented innovation by IDEAS Denmark A/S.


  • Pantented technology developed by IDEAS Denmark A/S
  • Your wine gets a significant improvement in taste
  • Best product in blind test by professional sommelier
  • Aerate your wine by the glass instead of decanting a full bottle
  • Get access to our Twist'n'Tight™ closing feature
  • OxiPour™ offers gentle aeration that will not over-aerate your wine
  • OxiPour™ is acknowledged for its funtion and simplicity by leading brands worldwide

How does it work?

OxiPour™ optimizes the mixing between liquid and air through the hollow pipe and the 6 elongated slots.

The shape of the slots creates a swirling flow path, contributing to a correct aeration of the wine.

The inner construction of optimizes the interface between liquid and air when pouring the wine.

The blue bubbles and arrows indicate the intake of air - and the red drops and arrows indicate the liquid outlet.

Sommelier's evaluation

  • OxiPour™ is the best functioning product within wine aerators
  • It does not over-aerate the wine, but leaves freshness in the glass which will be appreciated by wine lovers
  • OxiPour™ leaves the wine more open and inviting to the nose, more berries appear, thus the wine is more accessible
  • The flavour becomes more complex and the taste of fruit gets more intense
  • If you swirl the wine in the glass it will reach a further stage, which means OxiPour™ commence the process that you would otherwise have to wait for until the wine would have opened

Nordic Sommelier Champion in 2001
3 times Danish Sommelier Champion in 2002, 2004 and 2009
Semifinalist at Trophee Ruinart in 2002 and 2004
Trained as Chef from 1989 to 1992
Sommelier exam in 1997
Work experience in London, Paris and Copenhagen
Started own restaurant, Restaurant AOC, in 2004.
Michelin star since 2010. www.restaurantaoc.dk

Christian Aarø (b. 1971)